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SoundPad: creating outspoken advertising campaigns

Imagine being able to offer your customers an advertising campaign that really speaks to their audience.


Warwick Audio’s new SoundPad 580 allows you to do just that. Cleverly concealed behind portable banners or exhibition stands, the SoundPad can add powerful audio content to advertising or public information campaigns. 


Using the flat flexible speaker technology pioneered by Warwick Audio Technologies, the SoundPad is thin and lightweight, as well as being low power. It is also weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use.


A standard pack contains two SoundPads along with an amplifier, mains power supply and cables. All you need to add is compelling audio content that will ensure your message stays with its audience long after they’ve passed by your display stand.


For full details, take a look at our SoundPad Data Sheet, or contact Andrew Samalonis at Warwick Audio Technologies.