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The market for 'premium' headphones that deliver Hi-Res Audio reproduction continues to grow driving with it the need for high quality transducers.  Planar drivers are popular but current market solutions are expensive and difficult to product reliably in volume.


To service this market need Warwick Audio Technologies have developed the High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate audio transducer (HPEL). HPELs set a new benchmark in sound quality and accuracy for Hi-Res Audio reproduction.  The product of 10 years patented research, Warwick’s HPELs produce realistic, natural, and emotional sound that is comparable with the highest performance transducers in the market today at a significantly lower cost...hearing is believing!


In order to demonstrate the power of this new technology, Warwick Audio Technologies has developed an audiophie reference design which has received widespread critical acclaim from the industry.


For more information download our product solution description below: